Okay, okay so I talk too much: that's the A #1 thing that anyone ever needs to know about me. Even in my writing I tend to be verbose and I like it that way. This is my little bio written up in a way that I'm comfortable with. Much like ogres- and parfaits as Tara will cheerfully chime in- I have a great many layers, a million and a half quirks and a deep and loving bond with my sarcasm. Therefore welcome to my head: please wipe your feet on the way in. 

Given Name:  Ka'thryn Alicia Don. The name roughly translates to pure and angelic (which if you know me at all you know how laughable that is. Yes, my folks were bullshitting me from the start). I'd like to think that I did my best with this 'lead the lamb to slaughter' name and thank them for at least bypassing old standards like 'Chastity'. For that, at least, mom and dad I thank you. From what I know my father was gunning for the name Athena- which of course is another winner in the 'name you can't live up to' race. Personally if they really wanted to make me work for it I think they should have named me Lola. More than that I *like* Lola. But lo, I must remain the Kitty for if I changed my name to Lola now I'd confuse the hell out of my kids.


Birth Date:  December 14, 1977. Yes that makes me a Sagittarius just like most of my friends (imagine that! We'd be a dreadful mob being inclined to moodiness and the sudden need to bite). According to my Chinese Zodiac I'm a Fire Snake (I prefer the term mesquite personally) and my Celtic birth symbols are the Raven, the Rune Ruis and the Elder Bush (ain't it cool that I can perch on myself?). I've never gotten the hang of numerology being desperately dyslexic with numbers so I've randomly picked the number 7 and elected it to be a lucky number. 


Hometown: Hillsborough County, Tampa, Florida, USA, Earth.. 


My Story:  My personal story in a nutshell goes like this: I had an unhappy childhood for the most part peppered with a few good people and a few good memories. Instead of spending what could be forever or a very short trip off a pier I chose to take the matters into my own hands and run away at the tender age of 15. I had a serious of rotten boyfriends and bosses who ignored my age because- viola- bounteous breastages bring big bucks - and ended up staying in the back bedroom of my now husband's apartment. 

I made a lot of mistakes and took a lot of lumps for it. I leaned the hard way what it is to put yourself back together when you're not sure what you should be. And somehow through it all I've come out a slightly jaded if not happy person and mother of three beautiful little boys. If there's anything I can offer for advice to anyone with a hard life, it'd be 'choose who you listen to but make your own voice the loudest'. I'm still in therapy and likely will be for a long time, but I'm a strong woman, a good mother and the best damn comedic relief that thousands of dollars of healthcare bills can buy. 


My Sons: Lucas Ryan Don - Little king of the stars. And the house. And the video game systems. And anything else he can exert his charisma over. My oldest and most sensitive child, Luke is my little old man. His father chose the name Luke after Luke Skywalker. Luke is a Scorpio, a Fire Ox and like myself the Elder Bush and the Black Horse. 11/6/1997
Nicknames: Lucas my angel and the big boy

Jason Scott Don - Healer of the Scots. Out of all of my children Jason is the sneakiest and gets away with the most due to big blue eyes and dimples. He's a singer and a dancer and a story teller. He's got the imagination of a storyteller and the extreme temper of a Scotsman.. Too bad he's English and Irish. The name Jason was chosen for Jason and the Argonauts. Jason is a Scorpio, an Earth Rabbit and yet again a Elder Bush and the Badger. 11/15/1999
Nicknames: Pookie and the Gasman

Jack Owen Don - Brave young warrior. My largest, fastest and must jubilant child, Jack is very much like a linebacker on helium. He's 100% all physical all the time and rarely stops until he falls over to sleep. He eats 6 or 7 meals a day and has hand/eye coordination far beyond his years. Yet you have to fight him to say his name. I chose the name Jack in honor of my grandfather John 'Jack' Patterson who was my knight growing up. Jack is a Pisces, a Water Horse, the Ash Tree and a Seahorse. 03/15/2002
Nicknames: Moose, Ox, Jackie Patacky and Stinky Pete (after the Toy Story Character)


My Husband: Sometimes also called my oldest child: Peter Pan. He's a good man with a sparkling sense of humor. Older, wiser, far more daring than I am. Richard is a fabulous storyteller and a whiz with anything dealing with computers. He is a Capricorn, a Steel Monkey, the Rowan and the Green Dragon. 01/29/1969

Everybody has a list of favorite things that carries them through day to day mundanities. The following are mine for all their quirks and perhaps a bit on why I like them.

Music: I like just about every kind of music with a few exceptions: I just can't do bluegrass country no matter how depressed I am or gangsta rap. Now I respect their trades and their music just fine, but one way or another you always end up drunk or dead in the songs so what's the catch folks? 

I love the first act of Les Miserables which I will forever remember because of my manager at Suncoast Motion Picture Company and I singing to each other through rows of movies during a far too tedious Christmas spree. Likewise for all of the Animanics movies. 

I like Linkin Park, Buck Cherry, Offspring, Blink 182, Jimmy Eat World, Lost Prophets, Nickelback, Queen, Aerosmith, Poison, Tesla, Peter Gabriel, the Beatles, Muse, Jem, Diana Ross and the Supremes, Aretha Franklin, Bob Marley, ZZ Top, Coldplay, Loreena McKennitt, Clannad, Infidel Inc.,  Breaking Benjamin, Staind, Pink Floyd and of course Elvis. Who doesn't love the King?


Books: James Patterson's Maximum Ride series. Anything by Patricia Briggs. Mercedes Lackey's Herald Mage trilogy, SERRAted Edge books and Diana Tregarde stories. Everything my Frank Miller. Orson Scott Card's the Abyss. Alan Dean Foster's Alien and Aliens. Rebecca Well's Ya-ya books. Joe Hadleman's Forever War. And anything by Maya Angelou. I love to read! I'm just very, very, VERY picky.


Foods: My world for a good set of string beans with bacon. I'm southern. About as southern as it gets. I love sweet tea and pea picking cake and consider french fries and gravy comfort food. I have a real hankering on occasion for Jewish food too: potato pancakes and deli style corned beef sandwiches on rye. Or Cuban picadillo con yucca frita o churrasco! Magnifico! My favorite flavor is almond. 


Drinks: Chai tea, sweet tea with lots of lemon, fire water, pina coladas (with real coconut milk), and good old fashioned water.


Michael Praed, Michael Bien, Patrick Stewart, James Earl Jones, Michael Clarke Duncan, Denzel Washington, Lance Hendrikson, Ed Harris, Adam Baldwin, Nathan Fillion, Christopher Walken, Eric Stoltz,, Jet Li, Christian Bayle and Taye Diggs. 

Dina Meyer, Michelle Rodriguez, Musetta Vander, Grace Jones, Linda Hamilton, Melinda Clarke, Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Sung Hi Lee, Claudia Black, Torri Higginson, Julianne Moore, Virginie Ledoyen and Angela Bassett.


Colors: Bright crayon green, cobalt blue and brown are my favorites. Following shortly after is army green, pale blue, lilac, turquoise, pumpkin orange and pink.


Holidays: Remember Phoebe Cates's gal in Gremlins? Well I'm like her: I hate holidays. I have a horrible story for every holiday. Therefore I go for random days of mental health.


TV Shows: Battlestar Galactica, Stargate Atlantis, SAAB, Babylon 5, MacGyver, Farscape, Brimstone, Misfits of Science, Xena, Justice League, Terminator: Sarah Conner Chronicles and Teen Titans.


Movies:  The Abyss, Aliens, Buckaroo Banzai, Wrath of Khan, Starman, Italian Job, Last Samurai, Nightflyers, Reign of Fire, Trancers 3, Big Trouble in Little China, Fast and the Furious 3, the Haunting, Terminator, Unleashed, Big Fish, Casshern, Resident Evil, Wanted and Stormriders.

And now for the really important questions...

Superman or Batman: Blasphemers? How could you ask? Batman is the most dangerous man on the planet *and* he has better writers. I'm going for the Dark Knight here.


Aliens, Predators or Space Marines? I like to watch marines go splat! Not that I have anything against the armed forces, but c'mon they have the best 'I'm goin' down and you are too' lines. How can you top that? So the marines get my vote. They have the life expectancy of a gnat in a hurricane, but hey.. they've got the balls..


Life or Death: Pro Life in a big way for the unborn. Pro Death for those sitting in prison with multiple homicides. In fact I think laws should be a hell of a lot less forgiving. I'm also against animal testing, for inmate testing, against segregation, for gay marriage and abso-freaking-loutly support the US's troops. Just not the presidency.


Venus or Mars: Forget men, forget women: we're all one race. 


What are your nicknames? Kitty, Prima, Ghengis Kitty, Kate, Elf, Kaeth and occasionally Katie. I *hate* Katie.


Hobbies: Why yes I do fill my life with various meat substitute fillers known as hobbies. I play various RPGs online as well as run them. I cross stitch, collect mirrors, angels, wind chimes, journals, interesting boxes, frogs, turtles and bears. I also have a large collection of candles, but that's an addiction, not a hobby. I draw, write stories and poetry, paint and always have a camera in my hand. I also keep my love of junky action movie and chop saki flicks alive by being a frequent movie goer and collect various language books. 

For the final questions we turn to the real world and your involvement in it. Bwah!

Career: I do still write stories- mind you pay is non-existent- I take a ton of lovely pictures I call freelance photography and am a mom to three obnoxious boys. That's three jobs in one.


Volunteer: I am a registered volunteer with the Red Cross for CPR, First Aid, Infant First Aid and Disaster Relief.


Future Ideals: I'm in the process of writing a webcomic that I'd like to see take off like a rocket. I'd also like to see a my photography continue to grow better, clearer and more popular. It's a dream career.


Inspirations: In the past few years my family and I have battled multiple cancers, endometriosis, autism, ADHD, ADD, birth defects, PDD, MSK, OCD, depression, schizophrenia, PTSD and taxes. We've had leg injuries, spinal injuries, head stitches, broken toes and yet were're all still standing. Let this be an inspiration to everyone: be too darn stubborn to sink when life tells you to.

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