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This comic is put out by none other than the hugely talented Mister Rich Morris! It's funny! So READ it!

So where were you when the world ended?

Save Leonard! Oh and uh.. the rest of them there wonderful folks, too. 

RPG Games

Oh my.. that is the first part of my web address isn't it? Do you know why? Because this is the web rpg that my husband and I create. It's free so please go have a looksie!

View my page on Lost Zombies



Patricia Brigg's website. She's a fairly new author folks and very, very talented. Give her some support!

One of the hottest, funniest new writers out there Kim's books keep you hanging on her words until the end of the book, laughing and wincing all the way.

Misty! Fantabulous writer whom I've grown up reading. She's a class act folks, give her a read and just bask in the description. 

Who hasn't read an Alan Dean Foster book or seen a movie that he adapted into kick ass written word? Raise your hand.. Higher.. I need to see so I can thwap you with an educating brick! Yes my children I know.. it hurts to learn, but expanding your brain is a good thing.

Another master of sci fi ladies and gentlemen! Go grab the Abyss and fall in love!


Rich Morris's fantastic online portfolio and gaming and comic and- c'mon Rich you can't do everything well! Take a read and look over his artwork!


Army humor at its finest. What not to do with your host Skippy.

The music geonome project offers an awesome free internet radio station customizable by your choice in music. I listen daily to my own odd little technicolor station.

I don't know how.. Or why.. But they need props just for existing. It's the Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency (faux site) but very, very humorous. Max Brooks should endorse them. And if you don't know who Max Brooks is you're not truly a zombie enthusiast.

Louie Lombi's is where I got my ink done. If you're ever in the area Pipo and Clark are the tops.

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