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Holding old news here for reference...

April 2008:

First Narrator's Guide Errata 4/29/08

New Cover for the Player's Guide 4/25/08

  • Harkening back to the classic days and early artwork of Ran Ackels, a new cover was released today for the Player's Guide.  Feel free to take a look over in the Downloads area!

First Preview of Tribal Law versus Dragon's Rule (TLvDR) 4/23/08

  • Take a look at the beta version of the history of Tribe Arachne!
    Visit the Downloads area to see it today!
    * NOTE: Do not copy this file to other publications or websites and do not establish world wide web links directly to the file.

Narrator's Guide Released 4/20/08

  • That's right, the Narrator's Guide has released, 272 pages (cover to cover) in a free downloadable Adobe Acrobat PDF file!  Visit the Downloads area to get your copy today!

Website gets a revamp!

  • As you can see, the website has finally gotten a full revamp for the first time in nearly four years.
    More is to come, including a new gallery, 1st/2nd Edition support section, events and classified sections!

Tribal Law versus Dragon's Rule (previews)

  • Visit the Downloads area to take a quick peek at segments from TLvDR...

Narrator's Guide Release

  • Mid-late April will mark the long-awaited release of the Narrator's Guide, at 270 pages!  It will be available in the Downloads section of the site.

Gen Con 2008

  • On the 15th we will be posting the schedule of events for the yearly official Gen Con Immortal games.  As last year we are hosting the games with Infinite Imaginations Inc.


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