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ccshade.gif (29619 bytes)Immortal is a roleplaying game in which the characters discover they were once part of the very fabric of the legends and myths that humanity held so dear.  Having been "reborn" into a somewhat futuristic modern world, they find the very entity that created the immortal race attempting to enslave humanity and destroy this world they now call home.  To make matters worse, their former masters have also returned to this world, and work towards their own goals of once again dominating the immortals on Earth.

Trapped now in the 21st century, the immortal race must learn from the mistakes of their past; mistakes that have almost cost the entire race their lives.  And they must fight to save humanity, which unknowingly harbors the Sanguinary, the entity which created the immortal race millions of years ago.

Possessed of supernatural powers and the ability to shapeshift into primordial forms of animal, plant, and element, the immortals must wield their awesome powers in order to save their last refuge, Earth.  Where once they played at being gods, now they must aspire to be so much more, for the sake of their own survival.

The first edition of Immortal (The Invisible War) was released in the summer of 1994.  The game's setting revolved primarily around that same time period.  This new 2nd Edition (Millennium) propels the game setting forward into the early 21st century, possibly some time near the end of its first decade.   Millennium has a brand-new mechanics system which facilitates smoother, faster play, allowing the Narrator and Players to concentrate on the story and the role-playing.   No previous experience with the game's 1st Edition is required to play.

Immortal is unique in that it is also an interactive, open-sourced RPG.  Their is only one actual physical book that need to be bought in order to play Immortal Millenium.  This is Book I.  All other materials for Immortal Millennium are published here at this website.  As the storyline progresses and various individuals participate in the Immortal experience, we welcome the knowledge of what is happening in their various campaigns.  This information is modified and made part of the Official Immortal Campaign World, and affects future stories and plots.   This is what makes Immortal both open-sourced and interactive.

Immortal is also unique in its fairly large contingent of entertainment industry personalities that are interested in participating in the experience. Most notable is Claudia Christian, who has taken the role of Shade in the Immortal Campaign World.  Her actions at the GenCon gaming convention this past summer, resulted in serious changes in the Immortal Campaign World, and to the possible future of Immortal in other media as well.

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