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This section provides information on the Immortal Millennium Product Line and those that carry it around the world.  Of course, there is only one actual product that you need to buy in order to enjoy the Immortal Millennium RPG.  And that is . . .

PDN: 10001

Fantasy SRP 19.99 U.S.
ISBN: 1-929323-01-8
Book 1 (96 pages) contains everything you need on a regular basis to play the game, including information on the auras, skills, your Callings, basic information on the history and the Courts, as well as the details of shapeshifting, combat, basic mechanics and doing Immortal campaigns (including basic Live Action information).  For this one price you also can then make use of the comprehensive web-resources!

If you are a retailer, distributor, or general reseller who carries the
Immortal product line, let us know and we will list you here as well!



Comic Book Collector
Owner: Steve Jewett
(519) 433-6004
616 Dundas Street
London, ON, CANADA

Imperial Hobbies & Games
Owner: Dave Carney
(519) 434-8822
205 Oxford Street East
London, ON, CANADA

The Jumping Slug Gaming Store
(519) 679-7944
206 Piccadilly
London, ON, CANADA

LA Mood
(519) 432-3987
202 Dundas St.
London, ON, CANADA

Gator Games
4212 Olympic Ave
San Mateo, CA 94403 USA

Fandom II  (Ramon Ross, Randy Pippus)
Adventure Games and Miniatures
162 Laurier Avenue, West
Ottawa, Ontario  K1P 5J4 CANADA
Tel:  236-2972
Not open Mondays


The GameShed
Best to use the Search Link

Flights of Fantasy

Times Infinity
Web based (site currently down)
(408)934-1021 or (408)934-1020
Talk to Philip Tatro

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