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The Remaining Gentry (The Saturna, Shonelkidar, and the lost Solas)

"These are the enigmas, who we may never truly know.   They have walked amongst us, but not like us.  And for the losot we will mourn, and hope those who take up their fallen path fare better than they."

This page provides Summary information only on these groups.  No full pages will be given as treatment for these groups.


The Saturna were once a house within the Anopheles, that at the bidding of the Rukshasha, thrust themselves into the Blue Air.   These may be the Adze mentioned in the First Edition Lexicon.  The Saturna, upon PHYSICALLY entering the Blue Air, were gathered by the Transcendants there (the knowledge of these Transcendants living in the Blue Air was unknown to the Society, and is what gave credence to the fact that the Solitaire, being a Transcendant, had left this earthly plane and entered the Blue Air instead of being killed when Atlantis fell) and kept safe.  The Blue Air, being a realm of pure thought and energy, would normally not have allowed the physical beings of the Saturna to survive intact without some form of aid.

During the ill-fated voyage of the Titanic, the Rukshasha sent a scion, named Lucrezia Borgia, to free the Saturna from the Blue Air where the Transcendants there were protecting them.  While she succeeded, her Immaculum filled body drew the attention of the Leviathan, who attempted to consume Lucrezia.  She escaped, and the Rukshasha spent the next several decades plotting a way to free the Saturna, who had now been consumed and were trapped within the Leviathan, along with the Dark Roane.

Several years ago this plan succeeded, allowing Lucrezia to be consumed by the Sanguinary, and the Saturna trapped within to escape.  It also had the secondary effect of freeing several of the Dark Roane back into the Light, which ended with their reinstatement into the Society.

In exchange for being secretly cured of the Anopheles poison some time ago, the Rukshasha handed the Saturna into the custody of the Phoenix who spent a great deal of time learning from them.  At this point the Saturna have now broken away from the Phoenix as their own Gentry and applied for membership as a Pride.

The Saturna have become living Ghosts, with a vast knowledge of the Blue Air that frightens some of the Society.  Their knowledge of the Transcendants, and the fact that the Solitaire is still alive, has brought frightening revalations to the Society, as well as this possibly being the knowledge the Phoenix gained into the true origins of the Amaranth, which was recently also revealed.


These strange immortals from out of the Dominions were initially banned from the Grand Convocation of the Prides in 1997, but found their way in to petition for status as a Pride within the Society.  They seem quiet, but very impressive in their ways, however, they have a vast deal of knowledge concerning the telepathic plague known as the Lash.

The Prides have had long heated discussions over this mysterious group of Immortals, but some things have been found out about this mysterious group within the past few years.  The only cure for the Lash seems to be this enigmatic race of Immortals.  The Lash, which is transmitted by telepathy and then breaks down the barriers between the infected and all of his avatars, drives an Immortal to madness.

The Shonelkidar can somehow "consume" avatars as part of their "life-cycle", thereby curing one of the Lash.  The himsatis of the Shonekidar are -- well -- viruses.  They literally infect someone with themselves and hunt down the Lash virus.

A rumor has spread in recent times that the Lash is not a disease, but actually some form of Dark Shonelkidar, and the ones of the Light have come here to the Habitat under the guise of joining the Prides, to reclaim these lost members.  If this is true, then how did the Shouting War cause what happened, and just how many Shonelkidar are there?  The information we have about them comes from this post by Ran Ackels to the Immortal Mailing List.  Whether this is wholly true in the game or not, we cannot be sure.  This post seems to span both 1st and 2nd Edition.

This is a mysterious group. Not much is known about them. Some immortals believe they are either Droves, or immortals so ancient that they are utterly alien. Personally, I don't think they are servants of the Sanguinary; there is lots of information that they had something to do with opposing. the Dust, the second Avatar of the Sanguinary. It is said that they tried to "absorb" the
Avatar into themselves, but with disasterous results. Immortals from the Court of Life, particularly among the Tuatha, claim this attempt to download the Dust transmuted the participant Shonelkidar into dark twisted creatures we call the Lash.

Their himsati form is a crystaline virus. The Shonelkidar function as preservers of memories and thought, storing racial memory within themselves, infecting others to pass this history along. This differs from the Tuatha mission to preserve physical things and places in hopes of rejuvinating the
earth after the last war.

Apparently Shonelkidar descend on dead individuals and infect him, retrieving stored memories into their viral selves and transposing this back to the immortal himself. Unfortunately a number of Shonelkidar have been known to infect an immortal and literally "download" or "steal" one or more of his avatars away (since, of course, avatars are made up of pure memory). Others absorb particularly nasty avatars from willing clients- - -at a price.

The Shonelkidar have himsatis made up of viruses, thousands of them per individual. So yes, the Lash IS a disease. . .and are individuals at the same


The lost Pride of the Solas.  There himsatis were made of electricity and light.  They were attempting to use the Internet and the WWW to create a virtual prison for the Sanguinary, to transfer it's consciousness out of the Morpheum within the Blue Air, and into this VR environment.   In fact, they had planned on attempting to somehow USE the Sanguinary once it was imprisoned within the net.  Most of the Society was not happy with this quite daring plan, and it was thought they would not be admitted into the Society when the 2000 Convocation came around, unless they could get together a much more cohesive plan that had a lot more evidence supporting it.

Unfortunately, the Solas . . . all of them . . . met with some kind of accident while attempting to perfect this plan in the fall of 1997.  It is believed by many (in 2nd Edition terms) that this was the first test-run of what would become the Great Betrayal, which began in the summer of 1998.  It has been said that simply put, their grandiose plan to ensnare the Sanguinary somehow "backfired" quite badly.

At this point, as far as the Perpetual Society is concerned, every single Solas is dead.  Just like Polio has been eradicated, so have they.  It was added by the game's creator Ran Ackels at the end of his post speaking of this, a very cryptic hint as follows:
And a very important safety tip for all you Pride wannabes out there: Don't try to use Abzulim Mystech to attain you're goals.

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