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This Year: 8/14/14 - 8/17/14
Indianapolis, Indiana U.S.A.

New to Gen Con?
 - What is Gen Con?
 - What does Gen Con cost?

Already know Gen Con?
 - What Immortal events are being run this year?
 - When/Where are the Immortal events at Gen Con this year?

What is Gen Con?

The oldest and arguably the largest gaming convention in the world.  While there are larger conventions, this one is the grand-daddy of them all, focusing the majority of the convention on games of all types, rather than being focused as a media convention.  It's has a few spin-offs and imitators over the years, but is still considered the king of its kind.  Due to our limited budget (we give this stuff away free you know) this is the only convention we personally attend each year to personally run games of Immortal Invisible War.  The convention starts on a Thursday morning (one or two games start as early at 12:00 AM, but most start around 8:00 AM) and ends Sunday around 4:00 PM.  For more information about Gen Con, the Indiana Convention Center and the surrounding area (including hotel information, what to do between games, etc.), as well as to register to come to the convention, please visit www.gencon.com.

What does Gen Con really cost?

(FAQ at Gen Con website)

A 4-day badge can be obtained by registering at the website ahead of time and costs around $68.00 USD.  Event tickets are $2.00 USD per 2 hours that the event runs (a 4-hour event will therefore cost $4.00 USD).  Hotels run an average of $175.00 USD per night (but you can easily put more than one person in a hotel room to split the cost).  If you are driving or flying or even taking the train those costs vary.  Indianapolis is a convention town, so there are lots of restaurants and a few other attractions available.  Food in the convention center is a bit pricey, just like at any club, sports stadium, etc.  But food around town goes for all the price ranges you'd expect; there is a mall about two - three blocks from the convention center with a very large food court area.

What Immortal games are being held at Gen Con this year?

We run our Immortal events alongside Infinite Imaginations, Inc. (a Gen Con Premier Event Group).  They are one of the longest-running gaming organizations that host games at Gen Con and we are proud to be a part of their team for the convention each year.  You can find out a little bit more about Infinite Imaginations by visiting their website.  Note that there is unfortunately no Live Action session scheduled for this year.  Hopefully we'll have one scheduled for next year.


Description:  Join supernatural heroes able to shape shift into mythological forms as they use their magic to protect the city from the mysterious forces of the Droves. Street level vigilante super heroics combine with the supernatural and a hint of mythology for added spice. Rules are light, role playing is stressed.

This game will be played using standard 3rd Edition rules (standard RPG format), with minimal use of optional and advanced rules from the Narrator's Guide, for time allotted per convention format.  This event runs two times during the convention.


Since Infinite Imaginations also runs a great deal of Hero System-based games, we are going to run a game using the Hero system from Hero Games.

Description:  A group of high school students use their alien artifacts to transform into gargantuan creatures, bio-robots and more. Join them as they try to save the world from a war of the monsters. B-Movie monster flicks mashed up with some modern cartoon-style heroics. Rules are light, role playing is stressed.

This game will be played using standard 5th Edition rules (standard RPG format), with emphasis on the Champion Super-Hero genre book.  There will be minimal use of optional and advanced rules for time allotted per convention format.  This event runs two times during the convention. (See below)

Where and When are these games being held?

We will announce the event locations as soon as we know them, but below are the times and game ID numbers.


Immortal Himsati - Urban Legends

8/15/14 -- 8:00AM until 12:00PM
Event ID # RPG1454112
Location: TBA

8/16/14 -- 12:00PM until 04:00PM
Event ID # RPG1454113
Location:  TBA

and for those interested...

Kaiju Hero - War of the Monsters

8/14/14 -- 8:00AM until 12:00PM
Event ID # RPG1454110
Location: TBA

8/15/14 -- 12:00PM until 4:00PM
Event ID # RPG1454111
Location: TBA