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For the new cover...

About Arturo
see below for the scene..

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."  It is an oft misquoted statement made by the philosopher, poet and novelist George Santayana.  In these recent times of Reborn, it rings harsher and clearer in the ears of the ancient beast known as Lorekeeper.  Rarely seen outside of his gargoyle-like form, Arturo has a piercing -- and yet somber -- light in his eyes.  Though never speaking in jovial tones or with words of sarcasm or jet, there is a manner in his body language that suggests hope behind all the words he speaks.  A barely audible flutter in his speech patterns always tempting those he interacts with, to reach a little further, climb a little higher.

Arturo is about 6'4" tall and looks maybe 250 lbs, fairly muscular.  Though gargoyle in appearance, there is nothing stone-like about his features, something those Peri that have met him make note of.  Nor has he manifested any type of elemental natures as such.  The skin is a dark mottled gray color with a subtle hue that in the right light appears as a blue tinge about him.  His eyes are a clear light blue, with a few flecks of gray to them.  His hair wears like a thick coarse horse's mane that hasn't been brushed in a few days, rather long to past the shoulder blades and black as a moonless night.  Though the rest of his body appears hairless, the facial features would imply that if he did take a human form he might have a thick mustache, handle-bar-like in appearance; perhaps a small beard connected to it.  His face is a bit worn, and it has its lines; if he was immortal then perhaps his human form might appear somewhere in the late 30's at the earliest, easily one might picture a human form in its 40's.

Arturo's one defining ability is that merely being in his presence allows him to learn of your past, even that of your avatars you connect to if you stay around him long enough.

Here are some pictures that may help a little in picturing all this....

Take a look at this wrestler.  He has several features that closely approximate Arturo's.  The basic build for example.

This is the one picture of him that had the hair close to what I was talking about (though the wrong color obviously).  I'm trying to stick with one person to work with for ease of comparison.  There is something beastial in the brow and the lines in the forehead, yet the eyes still have a somewhat relaxed composure to them in this picture.  He looks like he's done and seen a lot, it adds intelligence to what otherwise would come across as a more animalistic or thug-like facial look.

Remember the handle-bar-like mustache I mentioned, add a beard just around his chin that connects to above.  Now remove both and you can get the idea of a facial structure in a "gargoyle" form that would lead one to picture him with such in a human form.

This is a picture (hybrid) done some time ago by someone of Arturo.  I like the way the ear and top of the head flair out a bit on the gargoyle side, but the picture overall really doesn't come across right and I've never been really happy with it.  The garoyle side does have some meat in the face, I just wish it had been drawn completely gargoyle; it made the nose look small, the eye look off, etc.

About the cover scene

You've been to Prague.  You've seen the tower at the end of the Charles Bridge, and the one that's in town "Powder Bridge" right?  You see those two little windows at the top of the tower picture on the right?  I'd say that it is the perfect place for someone like Arturo to have a little "study" if you will... read on...
Prague: Tower Bridge, OldPowder Tower

Picture it in your mind...

The scene itself is a rather medieval looking study high up in the tower.  The scene's left side has a slim window that gives a view of the rooftops at night, it almost feels like crisp cool air is drifting into the window; perhaps the tops of a few linden or maple trees (predominantly planted within the city these days) can be seen.  To the right is an old oaken door, standing ajar; standing outside the room -- cast in shadows -- is the silhouette of a female figure, just peeking into the doorway.  Along the wall in the middle of the scene lay a great set of shelves (a bookshelf easily 6 feet tall and spanning almost the entire wall) full of old tomes and a few odd looking Mystech/magical trinkets.  Perhaps somewhere along the shelves or another location of the room is a subtle hint to the current times:  an Eyz unit, an I-Pod, a PDA of some sort; nothing you'd notice at first glance on the cover.  Sitting at a small high angled writing table sits our Arturo.  A set of somewhat squarish funky-shaped Ben Franklin looking eyeglasses sit perched on his nose, having slid half-way down, as he pours over some old tome by the light of a half-melted tallow-wax candle.  He's actually partially wrapped up in light and thin comfy shaw, with a mug of something steaming to keep him warm against the cool night air.  He knows who is at the door, but is not bothered by her appearance.

That's what I envisioned in my little head....