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The following list is by no means comprehensive, but with your help, we can create a great resource page of links to help Narrators and Players of Immortal alike.
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Other Immortal Web Pages on the Net:

"Official" Resources:

Official Precedence Entertainment Home Page
The Immortal WebRing (Most of them are listed below, but some new ones pop in at times.)
Joel's Immortal Page (Joel Baker [Lucifer] runs the Immortal Internet Mailing list, instructions are here)
Immortal Mailing List Archives (logs of the mail from the list)

"Fan Sponsored" Resources: (many of these are dedicated to the 1st Edition of the game)

Joel Carlson's Immortal Site (A complete Pantheon page for his game in Diamond City!)
Oarim's Immortal Page - Cloak of Eternity
Richard Maddy's Immortal Pages
Mauro's Page
Richard Penner's Immortal Page
Shannon Prickett's Immortal Page
Atlantis Home Page
Talitha - The Amaranth Creche
Nest of the Phoenix
Peri Underworld
Stormy's PBeM Immortal Game (very nice narrative here, worth the read for the alternative stuff)
Callisto's Immortal Site (nope, it isn't Tia Carrera, just her likeness)
Gabriel's Immortal Site (the page needs updating, but hey, check back in on it sometime!)

Mythology Resources on the Web:

Of Gods and Men (One of the most comprehensive overall mythology databases I've seen)
Gargoyle Info. Pages (For those of you who are playing that particular breed of the Peri)
World Mythology Main Page (Another good view of ancient mythologies of various regions of the world)
Mystical Months and Days (for those who are tying in birthdays, astrology, etc., into their character.)
Snakes in Mythology (Are you an Anopheles?  This page may not stay up long, but have a look)
Arthurian Legend Links (A page of Links to Arthur and his Court)
Water Spirit Legends (For the aquatic and elementally inclined)
Sumerian Mythology FAQ (They had some cool gods)
Canaanite/Ugaritic Mythology FAQ (NO, NOT VAMPIRES, ancient Egyptian people)
The Assyro-Babylonian Mythology FAQ (Yet another ancient people's culture FAQ that you don't see often)
Hittite/Hurrian Mythology Reference (One more little known ancient people, impress the other players!)
Norse Mythology Web Page (Had to have one for the Morrigan in here somewhere)
Ancient Egyptian Mythology (Hey Banjax!)

History Resources on the Web:

THE Index of History Resources (a 215kb file of nothing but great resource links and such)
Celts and Saxons Homepages (Information on these two wild groups)
Yoruba History and Mythology (This area is around Southwest Nigeria for those of you who are asking)
Ancient Nubia (Part of the vanished kingdoms of the Nile area)
Hall of Names International (Good place to do a last name search into early history)
Mysterious Origins of Man (Some interesting stuff here, video related)

Other Resources that may help you:

Birmingham Zoo - Animal Omnibus (to find out about possible Himsatis
NATIONAL ARCHEOLOGICAL DATABASE - a large list of archeology resources
Lunar Calendar Page  (for those that rely on the Selene Serenade and Immaculum Bonuses)
Fantasy Clipart Page (just some neat stuff, some of which are cool Dominion looking)
Zodiac Descriptions (for those that want a little more detail, does okay for gaming content)

Also Worth Mentioning:

Azrael Online (online publication - friends of Precedence)
Claudia Christian's Website (well, she is "Shade" after all . . .)

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