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Prepkit Errata
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What's the Prepkit you ask?  It was a nice 24-page blue-bound book that we handed out before the release of Book 1.  You can find an electronic version of it on this site in the Basics Section of the 2nd Edition area.  However, it seems the damage table was missing from the book, so here it is everyone!  This does not use hte optional advanced rule which uses the difference between the BODY/Armor roll and the attacker's damage roll.  As always, if the defender rolls lower, no damage is done.  For more information on the optional damage ruling, consult Book I.

Result of Roll Effect
7 Scratches or bruised, cosmetic damage that does not hinder performance
6 Knocked back: Go last next turn
5 Shift targeted aura one inferior die
4 Shift targeted aura one inferior die
3 Shift targeted aura two inferior dice
2 Shift targeted aura two inferior dice
1 Shift targeted aura three inferior dice

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