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Please note we do not yet have the pages from Precedence for this Pride, so what you see here is what we have so far. . .

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Sanctuary Types



Stronghold and Influence




Himsati Form:


System Note: X
This himsati

Terrene Form:



Gender Ratio:

Male: About XX% Female: About XX%





Role-playing the Tautha Character


Cultural Note: X

Tautha Perks

Legacies: Tautha gain the first rank of the following legacies at no cost: X

Serenades: Tautha gain the first rank of any three of the following serenades at no cost. All other serenades on this list are at a complexity rank of 4 for Tautha characters. X

Tautha Secret Serenades: X and X. See Serenades, the First Book of Powers, pages 1xx-1xx.









Tautha Bane




Attitudes Towards other Nations



Sanguinary: A worthy opponent, we will win a glorious battle when we destroy it for good.

Silence: It makes little difference tous.  We use no serenades against others, fo we are ourselves weapons.

Habitat: The upper world is a loud and corrupted place.  We take solace in the underworld where the quiet goes on forever.

Dominions: If not for the plague there, we would not balk at returning to take back our homeland from whatever manner of creature has survived there.

Crucible: We believe it to be oblivion.  And if it wasn't, why search for spiritual contentment when it's always been within you?

Morpheum: Those in the Morpheum need good weapons to do their work, and that's they we are available.

Stratagem: We follow the stratagem to atone for the crimes of our past.  When our visage becomes absolute, the debt will be repaid.

Profane: The others overestimate the malice of some of these immortal breeds.  Only the droves are worthy of our unremmiting hatred.   We would help the profane if we did not believe that they needed adversity to survive the coming times.

Ingenue: An interesting experiment. . . whoever did it.  We merely want to find our own among them and to make friends among those who don't remember what pompous jerks they used to be.

Conundrum: We hate the conundrum and will find a way to destroy every one that exists!  This is our most profound mission.  Stone understands stone, and we see the evil that saturates these bewitching fragments.

Sinning: Only those mortals who have harmed their fellow man are worthy of having their lives drained away.  This is no moral judgement.  If we must rid ourselves of oppressors, then we might as well get some use out of them first.

Himsati: Even though the Sanguinary can influence this part of us, we are unwilling to bury ourselves completely in the contours of human lies.

Humanity: Overall, they aren't too bad.   However they should learn to listen to their children.  In seeking to build their lives, they forget to look at all the available materials.


Pronunciation Guide: Roane = Row - En (en as in enter)

Tautha uplift ceremonies:

Tautha uplift ceremonies revolve around chivalric knightly quests after
a certain creature known as the Questing Beast. Though sometimes it involves
some form of elaborate riddle contest instead. At first, the beast was
considered a single unique himsati form, but the Tautha are now convinced
that it is part of an entire race of creatures who are the only animal-forms
of the Sunedrion itself. The Questing Beast is sacred to the Tautha in the
extreme. Each Immortal who wants to become uplifted into the Pride must seek
out one of these creatures (if there is indeed more than one) and listen to
anything it might say (the creature is apparently telepathic.) The sighting
of the Questing Beast is reported back to the Pride, but it's words to the
inititiate are to be kept to (him)herself. The quest usually lasts the duration
of a full moon's cycle (about a month or so.) Even if the intitiate has not
contacted the Questing Beast, he may enter the Pride on a "probation" until
he does finally meet one. The Ancien Regime of the Tautha can always
identify an initiate who have seen the Questing Beast---the eyes of their
himsatis turn amber gold from the experiene, no matter what species they are.
The ceremony itself is followed by celebration, contests of arms, the
exchange of gifts. It is extremely medievil and paganistic in its flavor. All
uplifts take place in the Tautha Creche.

One of the chief duties of the Tautha is the preservation (through the use of the Tattoo serenade) of all things good. They are collecting things, just like Noah did in the ark (or so the Roane tell me) so that after the devastation of the Rapture, there will be something to re-seed the Habitat (and perhaps ... the Dominions too!). These mystic tattoos have people, animals, other immortals (especially those whose hearts are weighed down with ennui), even whole lands on their skins. Some Tautha are walking mantles
unto themselves.

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