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A first-time player of immortal have the option of creating a character based on his real-life self. After all, he is an immortal who has forgotten his (or her) real identity and has been living as a human for some time now. This character, a reflection of the player forms a contrast to the emerging, alien identity of the character’s "real" immortal self. A player will thus play himself, complete with his own real-world personality. As the game proceeds, he might find his personality slowly changing to that of his true ancient self. Certainly his friends will notice the difference, as might others who know him. As time goes on, the character finds himself more alienated from his mundane life among humans and feels compelled to "find himself" among the immortals. He steps onto the road of self-discovery.

This section provides a number of personality suggestions for the character’s immortal identity to help the player in finding a good contrast to his own personality. The more the personality of mortal vs. Immortal identity clashes, the more interesting the character development becomes. At first, the mortal character’s personality shows small signs of aberration as he says things or performs actions alien to his nature. In time, his immortal personality attempts to subsume his own, and to take over. The list below offers a motto of the personality veiwpoint as well as a quote an immortal of that type might deliver.


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Arbiter "Let’s all sit down and work this out."

"A house divided against itself cannot stand. Your conflict only serves our mutual enemy. How can we hope to evolve if we are continually at one another’s throats. I have no part in your quarrel, but I am willing to help you resolve this issue. Lay down your arms, and let’s reason together."


Analyst "It’s too soon to say. We need more information."

"It is almost time to strike now! Not yet, we still haven’t accounted for them trying to use the sewer systems to escape. Trivial, you’re wrong. I’ve seen some of us who could shinny down a drain pipe as easily as you can climb through that window. We’ll make our move after my agent gets the layouts of the back rooms. He’s in there now disguised as a city safety inspector. I know the back rooms have no apparent exit, but things aren’t always as they seem. We’ll wait until we’re absolutely sure before we rush out and get ourselves killed!"


Authoritarian "Rules are rules and I’m here to see they are enforced."

"Don’t do it! We’ve been friends for a very long time Rhetton, I’d hate for you to ruin that after so long. Your revenge is forbidden under the Stratagem. It’s the law. We don’t have to like it, just obey it. I’d hate to have to be the one to take you down, but I will. No one is above the law, not even my best friend. Without the Stratagem, we’d destroy this world just like we did the Dominions."


Bohemian "I have to be on the cutting edge of fashion and style."

"Do you like the ensemble? It’s a 17th century revival piece I found in Munich, all those in the Euro-disco scene are wearing them. The side arm is an antique I bought from an auction house in London. I traded in the magnum; it just didn’t fit the theme. Why do I go to such trouble? If you have to ask why, you’ll never understand. See these other relics, her, him, that awful thing in the corner with all the fur and teeth? They’ll be crying in their beer in a thousand years about having nothing to live for. I, who live on the cutting edge of fickle fashion, will have a fresh fad to exploit, or better yet---to set. Did you know I was the one who got the zoot suit going. Zoot suit ... now there’s a good idea. I have to go see my tailor. Ciao!"


Boor "Crude and crass is the only way to be. At least it’s honest."

"Fuck off! I got your decorum hangin’! You don’t like the way I talk, the way I act. Who the hell appointed you grande dame of this ball Cinderella? What’s wrong? Do I offend your sensibilities? Too bad, bitch!


Builder "I must accomplish great deeds so that I am remembered forever."

"The Temple at Karnak? Yes, I had a hand in it. And the Library at Alexandria and the painting of the Sistine Chapel. Isn’t it extraordinary that the Pope should command me to cover all the genitalia of those ceiling murals that I spend hours on my back to paint! Apparently the papacy thinks that they shrivel and disappear once you become holy. Of course I refused. Others after me had to do it I can only imagine their answer when asked what their occupation was! Ah well, at least the art itself is the most recognized imagery in the entire Western world. So is my name."


Bully "The strong command, the weak follow. I am the strong."

"Master Eros does not wish to see anyone today. I don’t give a damn who you think you are! I say who gets to speak with Eros. One word from me, and he’ll not only not see you, but he’ll order your visiting privileges canceled. So I’d make nice if I were you."


Cabalist "Everything and everybody are materials to be used in my plots."

"If I can gain control of the boy’s parents, that will force him to move out. Once he’s on his own, he’ll be more apt to accept my offer. Once I have him, his friends will follow his lead. Six ingenue will be quite a prize for my enemies at the next convocation!"


Confidant "Do you want to talk about it?"

"I’m truly sorry to hear that. You have my sympathy; the same thing happened to me once. If you ever need someone to talk to, I’m available. I’m not interested in gaining something on you. It’s just that I’ve been through hell in my time, and I figure that I owe karma because someone was always there for me."


Connoisseur "What good is having something if everyone else has it too?"

"Delightful! That piece was an unfinished concerto by Brahms that he entrusted to me just before he died. Have some more brandy, it’s from Napoleon’s private stock. I must admit, I’m a bit eccentric, but if you’re immortal, you should be able to enjoy the finest things the world has to offer. Have some more caviar my dear; the fish that created it is now extinct!"


Custodian "I will defend you from harm, always."

"I swear to you on my breath that I shall allow no harm to come to your sister. No force from heaven of hell shall tear me from her side. She will be safe and sound upon your return."


Detractor "I can find fault with anything---and I will, I promise you."

"What is the Perpetual Society? Why its the gods of old short sheeting each other’s beds and bragging to the older kids about it! You gotta have your secret decoder ring, or you’re not part of the club. Who are the Solitaires? Creepy buggers who run around stealing each other’s souls. If you’re not in their little clique, then your tomorrow’s entree, and I’m not even gonna talk about the Droves ..."


Drifter "I can’t stay in one place too long."

"I love nights like these. The rain always reminds me that the world moves on. Me, I can’t stay in one place very long. The roots of plants can strangle each other if they’re too close together. You know what I mean? I ain’t gonna strangle nobody, especially myself. I gotta go. Nice talkin’ to ya’."


Heretic "No one has the right to tell you what to do."

"Who are the Jury that they can make edicts to us. We don’t know where they come from, what their agenda is. They say they oppose the Sanguinary and stand for guiding us to Eidos, but can anyone that powerful avoid their own agenda for the benefit of those beneath them. The Paragons are their toadies, and the Regents are their goons. I smell a rat somewhere!"


Innocent "Never lose your sense of wonder."

"You mean he broke his promise to me? He swore he wouldn’t hurt them. Why would he do that? He seemed so kind and gentle! I just don’t understand this! He promised!"


Joker "There’s nothing like a good joke to relieve the tension."

"Forsooth! Thou speakest like a Thor comic book! Liven it up a little. Gods and Devils! You people are about as exciting as mucus! Doesn’t anybody smile or laugh except when they think they’ve got something on someone else. You guys should do mortuary commercials with stone faces like those. Um, by the way, you should look before you sit down. Ha-ha!"


Knight "My cause is for justice for all; I defend the weak and the innocent."

"Don’t touch him! So you like to prey on children and old people. Why don’t you see if you do as well with me!"


Leader "Okay, this is what we need to do..."

"Lt. Stanley’s dead. Everyone listen, we have to move out before they cut off our retreat. Marco, you and Hank cover our rear. Julian and Zane, scout ahead for a spot for the lighter to land, and we’ll keep trying to raise headquarters on the comset. Danny and I will carry Shera. OK, everyone has their assignments, let’s move like a team before they discover what kind of creatures we really are!"


Martyr "Some things in life are worth dying for."

"I watched them die one by one. Some of them were trembling, some were crying openly, but not one of them recanted under the inquisitor’s knives. That’s when I realized that he was who he claimed to be. What else can I do now but follow in their footsteps. Their blood is my testimony. I would die for him."


Misfit "I’m just different, that’s all. If you can’t understand me, at least accept me."

"I never belonged. As a man I was too feminine, as a woman, too aggressive to be accepted. I went from lifetime to lifetime seeking someplace that I belonged I was a scholar, a witch, a priest, and a dozen other things I can name. I’m immortal, and I realized that it was my place to be different. Now, I’m just me."


Mourner "There is nothing more fascinating than death. I contemplate it for hours on end."

"I began studying death during the American Civil War. I was a doctor in a field hospital. When I saw a young man breath his last, I looked into his eyes, into his mind. I saw for the briefest instant the meaning of it all. Only a precious few see that meaning, serial killers, physicians, executioners, and priests. I have been all of them. After all who can resist a maiden so darkly fair and virgin as death?"


Observer "Only by watching can we understand what goes on around us."

"History is filled with the lies of historians. Agendas, nationalism, and dogma take the place of simple truth. Charlatans become heroes, and heroes go unmentioned. It is my task to observe history and be a dispassionate witness to the truth, even when it involves my own mistakes. The truth needs a representative to the future."


Paramour "Hey everyone, pay attention to ME!"

"I love being chased! There’s nothing as sweet as to know that you have captured the attention of others. Be mysterious, confident, and just a little aloof, and others will find you fascinating. You have to have a personal mystique, and I’m careful to keep that mystique. The only thing worse than being dead is being ignored."


Predator "There is nothing more satisfying than prey that prolongs the hunt, if even for a little while."

"I live to stalk my prey, whomever or whatever I choose. Life is the hunt, and I am the hunter. I cull the herd, and temper others with the razor edge of my fangs. Thrill takes me just before the kill, and I feast when I, at last, bring down my quarry. I can hardly sleep at night without listening to the symphony of beating hearts that surrounds my lair."


Preternatural "I don’t think you should ask me anything else personal. It would shock you. Not that shocking you isn’t amusing. . ."

"The chair you’re sitting in is made from the bones of the men I killed in the Crusades. You seem a bit pale. I suppose I had better not tell you what your cup was made from then. You will no doubt want water, since my wines are of a "rare" vintage as well. Skip dinner? If you insist, after all, you are the guest."


Rake "Whatever it is, I do it. If I like it, I do it again."

"Oh come now, a beautiful creature like you must have fantasies. What is it that stirs your soul to ecstasy. Desires aren’t something that you should deny. Give in. Don’t spend your life wishing you had the courage to take a chance. Live in the moment, experience the forbidden fruits of love and enjoy the pleasures that life has to offer."


Right-Winger "Tradition, tradition, tradition! What about family values?"

"Our Society is founded on tradition, and that tradition has kept us from destroying this world. Our enemies, the Profane, the Sanguinary and the Apocrypha would wither us from within, and the influx of ingenue only adds to the problem. Watch those who would dispense with "formality" for the sake of expediency, for behind their excuses lies sedition."


Romantic "Love does make the world go round, or at least it makes me go round."

"Many of my brothers and sisters have succumbed to the despair of ages, but I have remained. It is her face that I see when I lie down to rest, and it is her smile that I see in the rising sun. We parted centuries ago, lest one of us die and our love with it. I do not know who she is today, or where, but we will find one another again."


Scoundrel "If trouble doesn’t come to you, you go to it before it gets too big to deal with!"

"Who are you calling a coward? You really shouldn’t have done that. I was on my best behavior until you insulted me. I’ve been doing a good job of not punching anyone out so far, but you changed that. You asked for a fight, and now you’ve got it!"


Sleuth "Ah, a mystery! I can’t resist a mystery."

"I see truth wherever I look. See the clouds, they speak volumes about the world, the rain whispers secrets to anyone willing to listen. Your form, its perfection is nothing but shell. It hides your true soul, dark and terrible. Why can you not see or hear, perhaps nature is removing those senses from your species."


Surrealist "I’d could explain it, but it is too deep and beyond your understanding. "

"Don’t interrupt me. I’m flying."


Survivor "I come first, and when the smoke clears, I will be the one walking away."

"I lost my mortal lover when my enemies tried to use him as bait to draw me from hiding. My best friend died when we were caught by the Droves. He was injured---he couldn’t keep up. I had to leave him behind. You have to cut your losses and know when to retreat if you want to be here in a thousand years. Nothing out there is worth losing immortality over."


Sycophant "You are just the most incredible, talented, witty person I have EVER met. . ."

"Oh glorious king of the Two Lands, son of Ra, beloved of the Nile gods, conqueror of the Nubians, the Hittites and the lands of Caanan. You presence lights our way with wisdom. Your countenance puts fear into the hearts of your enemies, and is a source of pride for your servants. What is your pleasure, great light of Egypt?"


Teacher "Don’t worry about it. Here, let me show you how I do it. . ."

"You’ll not be able to wake her for quite some time. Amytriptoline is a psychotropic, and we immortals are very subject to poisons and drugs. She’s young and hasn’t had the time to build up her resistance to such things. She’ll be out for at least 24 hours, so you’ll have to carry her. How do I know? I was a physician, and, of course, I’m immortal."


Thrill-Seeker "Live hard, love fast and die. . . well, live harder, love faster!"

"It wouldn’t be fun if it was easy. The thrill is what makes it worth doing. Our lives as immortals are so very safe, at least for the most part. You can’t kill us with bullets, or finish us by dropping us off a cliff. We’re pretty damned resilient, so what is left to give us the rush of danger. That’s why I’m a Highbinder. No one gets quite as pissed off as when his precious ark is stolen."


Yuppie "Everything is in a balance. Don’t upset the status quo. Things are this way for a reason."

"It’s been a bit of an adjustment for me. I first found out I was immortal thirty years ago. I learned the law, how to kill when I had to, what you can and can’t do. It was tough. I was an accountant with a Fortune 500 company, and I had never shot a gun or held a sword in my life. I got used to it, and now I’m an up and coming slayer. It’s all a matter of learning the rules and not rocking the boat. You’ll get used to it."



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