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Converting 1st Edition Immortal Characters
to 2nd Edition

The process of changing characters over from 1st Edition mechanics to 2nd Edition mechanics is a fairly simple process.  As each of the new Immortal books come out, we will provide here the official rules on how to convert 1st Edition characters into what is provided in those books.  Therefore we will not have *all* the conversion material presented here until approximately after Book 2 or 3 are out.  By that time you should have enough to convert all facets of your 1st Edition characters.  Until then, we will make suggestions on how to handle converting certain parts, until the 2nd Edition rules for that subject are made official.  For example, Serenades have no official rules in Book 1, so there will be no official conversion posted for that until Book 2 comes out (which will be within I believe roughly 90 or so days after Book 1, not a long wait gang!).  But we will post suggestions to get you started. . .

One of the biggest changes is that Immortal is a 2 step system in 2nd Edition instead of a 3 step system.  In 1st Edition you had three things to add (die, halo, skill) to get your total.  Everything was ranked by 3's (1-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-12, 13-15).  In 2nd Edition with the die values for standard skills at 12, 10, 8, 6, and 4, we have a two step system now.

Originally there were seven auras in the Immortal game system.  In the new game system there will only be three.  There will be ways to recreate your specialized auras (high orange or yellow halos, etc.) in one of the next three books after Book 1.

MIND (Red + Blue) divided by 2.  Compare result to master chart
BODY (Orange + Yellow + Green + Violet) divided by 4.   Compare to master chart
SPIRIT Compare Free Immaculum Value to master chart

Notes: Yes, by the new rules you'll notice that some humans can get VERY nasty as d10 becomes the new top human stat in the game.  You'll notice that equates to a 6 to 8 halo average in the old game.   This is because the earth is weaker, and in general so are the young Immortals who though they were so powerful, only to find out that they were not as high up the tiers to Eidos as they thought they were.  Humans are a threat if you aren't careful.   The d4 value is reserved for the most powerful out there, those truly on the verge of Godhood (or Transceendance if you will . . .)  Just remember that normal humans cannot go beyond a d10 in an aura (though there are exceptions for Bright Bloods).


Skills are one of the easiest conversion to make.  Just compare your skill level to the chart below.

1st Edition Skill Level 2nd Edition Die Level
0 D20
1 D12
2 D10
3 or 4 D08
5 D06
6 D04

Notes: Let us explain exactly what a Rank 6 skill is.  Okay, you are the best that ever was, is or will be in that skill.   There will be maybe 5 guys in all of recorded history as good as you.  The first problem we had was that people would say "Hey, I've been alive for six hundred years, why can't I have three skills at a 6, seven skills at a 5, twelve skills at a 4, and everything else at a 2 or 3, with maybe one or two 1's?"  A lot of folks forgot that things like Rank 6 were meant to be legendary, even to the Immortals.   For more information on skills and how to properly set them in your game before conversion, see the 1st Edition Support section on skills.


Himsati Natures are one of the more difficult of the aspects to convert to 2nd Edition.  Himsati Natures were once based off of your stats, and now they have their own die values.  In order to convert, simply compare the 1st Edition colored halo that the nature was based off of (plus 1/2 your FI value) to the Master Aura Chart.  That will give you the new value.
Example: Natural Weaponry was based on the Orange Halo.  If the Orange Halo was a 5 and the Free Immaculum was a 6, then the total would be 5 + 3 = 8.  An 8 would give your Natural Weaponry in 2nd Edition a value of d10.  If your games tended to be a bit overpowered in the Free Immaculum department, then we suggest just adding + 2 to the Halo Value instead of half of your Free Immaculum value, to keep things balanced and within the realm of the 2 step system.


For the time being, use the skill system to convert your serenades as they exist until Book 2 comes out.  When Book 2 comes out, we will provide full conversion rules as necessary.


Convert Weapons and Items based on whatever halo they would best emulate, add +2, and compare directly to the master chart below.   A baseball bat, for example, would use its value as orange halo.  If it was a 4, then its new die value would be a d10 (4 + 2 = 6 which equates to a d10).


Calculation Result Range 2nd Edition Die
0-2 d20
3-5 d12
6-8 d10
9-11 d8
12-14 d6
15 and up d4

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